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Consistently improving - SUPPORTING TEACHERS AND SCHOOL LEADERS IMPROVE OUTCOMES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. At Creative Practice Consultancy (CPC) we understand how schools and educational organisations work. We know just how much goes on in the background to get the all important results stakeholders demand. Our credibility is based on long standing experience at senior levels in the UK, and working in international education since 1999. What can we do for you? We focus on what we're best at. We don't offer 'everything'. We do offer a bespoke service. Our distinctive competencies are around SUPPORTING SCHOOL LEADERS and senior teams, helping them get the best from the key influences on classroom change and improvements in student learning - the TEACHERS.



Schools are increasingly complex organisations. They are in a constant state of change and challenge from both internal and external drivers. CPC can help schools manage aspects of this complexity, providing a different lens with which to focus on the core business of student learning and improving outcomes for young people.

Some of the projects we are working on currently or have worked on recently:

  • Supporting headteachers and senior leaders introduce a new staff appraisal and senior leader scheme  in two international schools, based on internationally recognised, developmental criteria for teaching and leading.
  • Designing and implementing a cutting edge practitioner research programmeLeading Edge Learning Research Programme – this is currently running in three international schools, with a further school sailing ahead with the programme after 3 years of CPC support.
  • Senior leadership coaching programme – working with whole SL teams and coaching 1:1 to support professional goals and staff well-being in two international schools.
  • Whole school coaching programme – working with teachers from across an international school in 1:1 sessions, based on their identified improvement goals and well-being.
    Working with teachers and senior leaders in the UK (face to face) and overseas (Skype) as volunteer coachees to support our company research and development at masters degree level.
  • Whole school review – we can’t accredit your school but we can support self-evaluation through our long standing experience of inspection (UK OfSTED) and external school review, drawing on a range of established frameworks from CIS to BSO. We have experienced inspection, review, accreditation, evaluation…from both sides of the fence!
  • Working with Y8 and Y9 students from a UK secondary school, a leading school for the visually impaired (WESC Foundation), and an art gallery to enrich their visitor experience (supported through Arts Council England). This project is also a research project, mirroring the practitioner research for Leading Edge Learning.
  • A recruitment service for international schools – teachers and senior leaders to principal level. We have extensive experience of recruitment and provide safer recruitment protocols,  templates for job descriptions, advert text, interview questions and reference request forms. We don’t do job fairs – we help you find people who want to work with you.

FEES and OTHER COSTS: we don’t normally operate on an hourly basis or one-off visit, but mostly on a project basis. We are highly competitive because we do not have extensive overheads. See the examples and case study in the Fees link.





Location Dorset, South West England, UK Phone (+44) (0) 7545922612 E-mail Hours We work internationally so our hours are flexible - within reasonable time zones and sleep patterns
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